Why Is Everyone Talking About These Two Indian Land Wrestlers?

Rent-A-Wrestler in Indian Land

We’ve been hearing a lot about these two kids from Indian Land: Chad Milasauskas and Austin Ross

They won state crowns, bleached their hair blond, and just spent the weekend in Virginia Beach, at the 28th Annual NHSCA High School Nationals. For those that aren’t familiar with the NHSCA, it’s the most prestigious high school event, in any sport, throughout the country. Who are they exactly? What makes them stand out? And why did they bleach their hair? Find out why in this intriguing Q & A, brought to you by Discover Indian Land.

Discover Indian Land: What was it like during the 24 hours prior to the State Championship on February 25th?
Chad: I was trying to “not” think about wrestling. I know what to do and how to win when stepping on the mat. I didn’t need to put any extra pressure on myself.
Austin: After I beat the #1 ranked wrestler, I knew I had to win the next one!
Discover Indian Land: Did you grow up in the area? 
Chad: I’ve lived in Indian Land, for the most part, except for my sophomore year.
Austin: Yes.
Discover Indian Land: What do you like the best about Indian Land? Any favorites places?
Chad: Indian Land is quiet. I feel we have a great community with people that support our students and teams. That’s the best thing I could ask for, as a student athlete myself.Austin: I love how everyone knows each other.
Discover Indian Land: What do you like the best about Indian Land High School?
Chad: ILHS provides me with a large variety of skills and teachers that are willing to do anything and everything to help if I need it. They are just friendly people.
Austin: That everyone is genuinely nice to one another.
Discover Indian Land: Where do you see yourself after graduation? Any plans for college, and if so, which ones and why?
Chad: I will be going to college. I’m not sure where, but I will wrestle [in college] and continue to grow. I love this sport and I won’t be leaving it anytime soon.
Austin: The only thing I know right now is that I plan to wrestle in college. I’m just not sure where, or what I will study.
Discover Indian Land: What does it mean for you to win the State Crown? Did you do anything different this year to get this far?
Chad: Winning the state title was everything for me. I told Coach Boulware that I wanted to be a state champion the first day I met him. He told me that there was a lot of work to be done. The season started and he pushed me to places I never thought I could go. He made me a champion.
Austin: If I didn’t have the coaches, teammates, and family, I would not have made it this far.
Discover Indian Land: Do you have a role model?
Chad: My biggest role model is Coach Leon Boulware. He has shown me how to develop a hard work ethic, and what it takes to be a champion. He broke me down in the wrestling room every day to get me where I am today. I am forever grateful.
Austin: I have always looked up to my dad but the guy that got me started in wrestling was Mike Kersey.
Discover Indian Land: What is the best match or tournament you have participated in?
Chad: The Best match was my state finals against Jared Smith of West Oak. He pushed me hard. Returning to beat him after a tough loss in the upper state finals was a good feeling for me.
Austin: I treat all my matches with the same mind set.
Discover Indian Land: Do you have a favorite MMA fighter, wrestler, or athlete? If so, why is he your favorite?
Chad: Kaid Brock from Oklahoma state. He’s tough and his style is slick, plus he is very fun to watch.
Austin: I don’t have one.
Discover Indian Land: Where did the idea come from the bleach your hair before state finals?
Chad: I told the team that if I made it to the state tournament this year I would bleach my hair blond.
Austin: We wanted to do a little “celebration” type of thing for making it to the states.
Message from Chad: 

Chad: I’d like to thank Coach Boulware, Coach Cortez, Coach Collin, & Coach Taylor for pushing me this year! I’ve thought about it every day since the state tournament. I thought about how frustrated I would get at practice, but also how they wanted me to be great! They wanted me to be a champion this year. The wrestling program and my coaches have helped change how I act and who I am as a man. This year has been a life lesson I will never forget.

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