Where can I get some killer tacos?

Right here in Indian Land. That’s what people are saying. It’s called Tacos Nayarit #2. Tacos are like sidewalk sandwiches. Hidden behind MJ Mart, at the corner of US Highway 521 & SC Highway160, is Tacos Nayarit a.k.a., the Indian Land Taco Truck. This under-the-radar mobile taqueria is definitely the new hot spot.
The owners are from Nayarit, Mexico, where eating is a pivotal part of their culture. They’re doing something special here, playing with their long-held beliefs about tradition and technique, and offering an extremely authentic taste.
The tacos are tasty & delicious. The mariachi music playing makes you feel like you are in another place. It’s obvious why this place is packed like sardines, especially during lunch hours. If your taco needs currently include getting the most bang for your buck, try some of the these $2 taco deals to get your money’s worth. Prices range from $2 to $6, which can get you anything from a torta to a quesadilla.
Tacos Nayarit was the recipient of a “People Love us on Yelp” award, which goes to businesses that maintain a 5-star rating with positive reviews. We recommend the steak taco with the green cilantro sauce.  

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