The Indian Land Lollipop Lady

 If you’ve been to Midtown Sundries on a weekend, you have most likely met Sharon Moser. Moser, 69, is a Midtown Sundries’ hostess who absolutely loves what she does. We all know kids can be unruly at mealtimes and they can make eating out less than relaxing, but that’s why Moser loves her job: she has a purpose. Some call her the “Lollipop Lady,” others call her the “Food Police.”  We call her the “Indian Land Lollipop Lady.”
Her strategy is simple. She keeps three signature items with her: fluffy pens, a candy dish, and a magical lollipop box. While working, she keeps an eye out for mischievous kids who are struggling to eat, the ones that are picking at their food. When she finds one, she presents herself as the “Food Police.” She gives them the I-mean-business look as she points her fingers to her eyes and back at them. Her version of Restaurant Rights are as follows: “Excuse me, do you know who I am? I am the food police. Do you know what I do? I watch you. I will come back to the table and if you can eat [your food], you can have a treat. If you can behave extra well, you can have two.” Her technique works. The idea came about one Sunday afternoon, when she was visiting the restaurant on her day off. She caught wind of a boisterous table, and that’s when she created her strategy. To her surprise it worked.She shares this experience with kids every time they come to the restaurant. Moser is old school but both parents and kids adore her. Kids know she means business. In fact, she’s even been asked if she hands out tickets. As a hostess, she controls the flow of the entire restaurant. She has this down. She has created a genius idea and we thank her for it.

Photo Credit: JC Photography


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