Indian Land Clean Up Day


We found a way to make it fun and exciting. We encouraged our high school leaders to come out and join us. It’s not just about cleaning up the litter and trash. It’s about creating partnerships, coming together as a community, and bringing awareness to individual lifestyles.

Indian Land High School English teacher, Nicole Halbeisen recruited her AP students and tackled Collins Road. To make it more exciting, they participated in the Craziest Piece of Trash contest. This sparked a mission for each volunteer. They submitted over 30+ pictures eager to win 1st place.

Awards were donated by Indigo at Cross Creek and handed out at Showmars, who provided lunch and drinks. The first-place award went to our youngest volunteer, Jackson, who found an animal skull. Other items found were dirty diapers, banana peels, baby bottles, and old clothing.

The wonderful thing about this program is that our students can earn community service credits. Credits can be used on college & scholarship applications. We would like to give recognition to the 5 guys in orange vests that were spotted earlier in the week, cleaning up Hwy 521 and Hwy 160.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We would like to give special thanks to the volunteers, teachers, coaches, friends, and family that came out on Sunday. Please join us next time for another exciting and rewarding community event.

The Discover Indian Land  Facebook page will hold the event space, so please sign up soon!


  • Liberty Waste
  • Kenaki Karate
  • Owahay Studios (Rick Johnson)
  • Indigo at Cross Creek

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