Southern Food Junkie Comes To Indian Land


Published on Aug 22, 2017
By: The Southern Food Junkie

Tacos have always been a favorite dish of mine. They are simple yet full of flavor. In addition, they are easy to make at home but I find they never taste quite like they do from a Mexican restaurant. I love getting them from the restaurants but I have always heard that the taco trucks (food trucks) always have the best authentic tasting tacos. Well, a few weeks back I was asked to do a collaboration with Discover Indian Land, a website and social media brand dedicated to showcasing all things related to Indian Land, South Carolina (SC). Where did they want to meet? A taco truck, their favorite place to grab a quick bite. This is Tacos Nayarit #2  in Indian Land, SC.










Born and raised in the South, Ronnie (Southern Food Junkie) developed his love for southern food.  As a child, he mostly stuck to the traditional cuisine that his mom and family loved to cook. As he got older he wanted to branch out into other ethnic foods and discovered he loved their food too. His love of food shows through his passion for doing reviews of restaurants, cooking, and trying new and unique foods or drinks. This Journey began as a way to showcase my favorite restaurants that I love to visit. Also, I wanted to share with you new restaurants that I found along my journey. My desire is that you find it entertaining and intriguing. My purpose is not to bash, put down, or judge a restaurant or food based on my experience but rather I am simply here to share with you that it exists and let you be the judge of it for yourself. Occasionally, a company sends me products to try and share with my audience. Again, I am not here to tell you it is the best or the worst but simply share that product and let you be the judge of it.

The Southern Food Junkie


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My lifetime search for this ideal locale began in medieval Leicester, England. Next came Cleveland, Ohio. After many years on the shores of Lake Erie, the desire for a warmer climate led me to San Diego. Eventually, the high cost of West Coast living took its toll, prompting another move. Looking back, as a mother of 3 who enjoys a quiet life among hospitable neighbors in the ideal climate, l really believe Indian Land is my Shangri-la. That's why, with the encouragement of family and friends, l launched DIL in 2016.

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Southern Food Junkie

Thanks for having us out Discover Indian Land. We truly enjoyed it.

Southern Food Junkie

Thanks for the Collaborations. I really enjoyed it! Can’t wait till the next one!