Emily Krull Returns From NYC


After graduating from Indian Land High School in 2012, Emily Krull moved to NYC, where she started classes at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). There she dreamt about a career working as a famous Broadway actress. Attending AMDA was like having a backstage pass to New York City’s performing arts scene, which was exactly what she wanted. Emily noticed a dramatic difference with her new acquaintances. Emily stated: “The biggest difference I encountered was being around so many theater people [at the same time]; it was like so many students with so much personality! Creativity is everywhere. You will find creative people everywhere in New York.” After attending AMDA, she remained in NYC for another 2 years, working as a paid actor. She was also hired to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Although Emily loved NYC, especially the Upper West Side and the Brooklyn Bridge Park area, she decided to return home in 2016. The idea came about while she was volunteering at a local church in New York. She realized she enjoyed working with kids & working behind the scenes. At that point, she decided she would take her career to the next level, but as a teacher.
Today you will find Emily supporting and assisting the ILHS Drama Club, as they prepare for the Spring Showcase. We asked her what she missed the most about Indian Land and this is what she said: “Believe it or not, I missed the ‘GATE’ gas station. It’s feels very homey to me and they have good coffee!”
As for her future, she realizes anything can happen. Her new motto is: “There’s no deadline on figuring out your life.” Emily is currently taking online courses but intends to enroll at Winthrop University under one of their educational degree programs, with a focus on theater. Like Miss Halbeisen at Indian Land High School, she would like to follow in her footsteps and work with high school students.
Photography: JC Photography

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