Coffee Cupping – The New Craze?

When we initially signed up for the cupping class, I thought it would be a great way to relax and have some fun, perhaps open the door for my inner coffee goddess to pop out. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Boy, were we surprised. In our past lives (pre-coffee cupping class), we thought we were true coffee connoisseurs. We even scoffed at our friends (secretly) and called ourselves coffee snobs. Come to find out, we really didn’t know much about coffee at all.
This cupping class, presented by The Southern Olive, is about observing the taste and aromas of brewed coffees. It’s like wine tasting, but with beans. We were given whole coffee beans, ground beans, spoons, cups, and water.  We ventured through various phases of the process, while we completed our scoring sheets. We explored 3 different roasts and compared the smells and tastes. You have to be sure you “roll” the coffee around in your mouth. Various descriptions were noted and discussed. We used a flavor wheel to help find the correct tastes.
Next, we watched a live demonstration using the Chemex Pour Over Coffeemaker. It’s definitely more work than pushing a button but every drop is worth it. We sat back and watched as a willing participant pushed his way through all 7 steps. This magical coffee maker allows the hot water to “bloom” the grounds, then slowly passes through the filter. After you have achieved an even extraction, you have a magical cup of coffee.
Lastly, we were introduced to the most wonderful Crio Bru. This natural & pure drink is made from Criollo cocoa beans and happens to be a tasty chocolaty-type of drink. It’s brewed just like coffee. Amber, the store owner, created a tasty mixture using almond milk, ice, natural chocolate syrup, and Crio Bru. It’s 99% caffeine free so we weren’t bouncing off the walls.
Cupping has been around since the late 19th century, but for us, it’s the new craze. This class wasn’t just educational, it was fun and entertaining. We recommend jumping on the coffee cupping train, if it comes back around again.
The Southern Olive
Light, Medium, and Dark Beans
Comparing the Light & Medium Roasts
Taste Bud Map
Smelling the Grinds & Tasting the Brew
Chemex Pour Over – Demo
Evaluating the Aroma
Mountain Bird Beans Roasted in the Ozark Mountains
Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel
Chemex Demo
Slow Circular Motions, from inside out
Waiting for the Scale to reach 350 Grams
Crio Bru – 100% Ground Cocoa Beans (took a bag to go)
The Famous Bakery Case

Story published by: Discover Indian Land (click here)
Pictures by: Discover Indian Land (click here)
Class hosted by: The The Southern Olive (click here)



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