Another One Bites The Dust in Indian Land

Jerusalem Cafe closes doors after 8 months

August 18, 2017 

Today, as we were cruising down Highway 521, we noticed the restaurant signs for the Jerusalem Café were missing. We slammed on the brakes & pulled into the Sandal Brook parking lot.

The restaurant signs were laying on the fence, electrical chords were hanging from the front wall, and the inside was a mess. The Jerusalem Café was one of the latest additions to the Indian Land restaurant scene. They offered Mediterranean dishes like falafel, hummus, Baba Ghanouj, and spinach pies. They were open Monday – Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and had decent online reviews. Their Facebook page shows they held an average rating of a 4.6, with over 1,300 visitors to their page.  One reviewer who gave them 5 stars wrote: “Just left here and had to leave a review. The absolute best falafel I’ve ever had! The beef shawarma was also fantastic. Your order at the counter, get your own drink and seat yourself. They have a corner with some grocery/gift items that looked interesting. The restaurant decor is a little sparse and I think the atmosphere could be warmed up a bit, but they have a great open space that has potential. Five stars for the food. Yum!”

A crucial question that remains unanswered is, what happened to the Jerusalem Café? There’s actually some good news coming from this unfortunate news. We peeked inside the front window and noticed a box for a big-screen TV. This definitely sparked some excitement, so we did a little digging and we’re going to leave you with some hints: big screen TVs, grilled food, & fun atmosphere. 

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That place wasn’t very good. Excited to see what comes next.

Ronnie Williams

I am sad they closed. I wish I had know about the restaurant. I love trying new and exciting foods!