Anna Discovers Hidden Gem in Indian Land


Hello, Discover Indian Land Readers! I am so excited to have the privilege of sharing my new favorite hidden gem of Indian Land with you; Casa Colombia Restaurant!

The restaurant is located on Highway 521, next to Food Lion. A lovely, authentic, Colombian restaurant open for lunch, dinner, and soon breakfast. This was my first visit to Casa Colombia. Upon entrance, I was greeted with a big smile and a warm welcome from Carlos, the owner and operator of the restaurant. Carlos is a man that is passionate about cooking authentic Colombian food. He is from a small town in western Colombia called Cartage del Cauca.

Carlos learned cooking from his mother. Growing up in Colombia, Carlos had 16 siblings. Each sibling was given household chores, so Carlos chose to help in the kitchen. As he grew, so did his love for cooking. He dreamt of someday owning his own restaurant. Later in life he moved to New York City where he took up a job in contracting. A few years later he helped a friend move to the Indian Land area. After seeing the beauty of South Carolina, he decided to also make the move.

Carlos felt that Indian Land would benefit from the addition of a restaurant that served food from another culture. Despite the difficulties of opening a restaurant, he stayed true to his dream and opened Casa Colombia Restaurant in 2014. For those of you that don’t know me, this previous summer I had the privilege of visiting Colombia.

Throughout my travels, it remains one of my favorite places in the world. Colombia has the most lively and fascinating culture I have ever experienced. As soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I felt as I was taking a step into Colombia again.

Casa Colombia is an impressive establishment, full of authentic décor brought straight from Colombia. The bright colors of the décor directly reflect the vibrant culture and flavors of Colombia. They display authentic mochillas, which are hanging from the walls. Mochillas are purses hand-made by the Indian tribes of Northern Colombia and a staple of my wardrobe. If you see one you like, you can buy it because they are for sale! 

Casa Colombia is great restaurant for both adults and families, with its impressively diverse and authentic menu. The menu includes all the classic dishes that make Colombian cuisine famous.


  • Yuca (fried cassava)
  • Maduros (sweet plantains)
  • Tostones (green plantains)
  • Empanadas (pastries filled with potatoes and either chicken or steak)
  • Arepas (a traditional cornmeal based bread)
  • Ensaladas (Salads)
  • Carnes (meats such as chicken, fish, steak, and pork served with a plethora of sides such as rice and beans)
  • Native Dishes (some as exotic as beef tongue or as mild as chicken). Not to mention the great kids menu

Casa Colombia serves Colombian sodas that are normally only found in Colombia; Colombiana, Pony Malta, and others. I have been searching for these drinks ever since I got back to the United States, you can imagine how excited I was to learn that Casa Colombia serves them. You simply must try them to understand why they are unlike anything else you will ever drink.

During my visit I ate pollo empanadas, chorizo, and arepas with Colombiana. I also got to try beef tongue and it was delicious! The food was as true to Colombian cuisine as it gets. I ate the hearty servings to my heart’s content.

As I sat in empanada heaven, Carlos didn’t fail to treat me like family. Showing me pictures of his beautiful country and telling me why he takes so much pride in it. Carlos has loved every day of doing what he loves by cooking what he loves. With the combination of a fun environment, unbelievably delicious food, and an extraordinary staff; nothing beats this place.

Casa Colombia offers a true authentic taste that will make you want to drop everything and buy a one-way ticket to Colombia!

Presented by Anna Vicente
Discover Indian Land Correspondent & Writer
8169 Charlotte Hwy 
Indian Land, SC 

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